Pharmaceutical Products

As a drug manufacturer (Packaging, Labeling, Storage) , we mainly handle a wide range of APIs through cooperation with manufacturing agents of API and intermediates, taking into account the production environment, quality and patent along with the accreditation of foreign manufacturers and registration of Japanese Drug Master Files (JDMFs).

List of business licenses related to Pharmaceutical

1) Wholesale distributor
2) Drug manufacturer (Category: Packaging, Labeling, Storage)
3) General distributor for toxic and dangerous substances
4) Import of toxic and dangerous substances

Products are stored at our head office storeroom (small quantities) and at our Yokohama warehouse (large quantities). Both facilities are registrated as drug manufacturers (Packaging, Labeling, Storage).

Business Planning Group

[Handled Items]

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

Due to the diversification of the market, needs of the niche market are increasing. We mainly focus on dealing in items which are generally difficult for customers to acquire. Through our close relationship with domestic and overseas manufacturers of API, we firstly confirm that manufacturers can deal with Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and then give suggestions to our customers. (Handling items; Non-sterile API, Sterile API, Nano API)

Intermediates and Chemical Products

We suggest intermediates and chemical products from all over the world in compliance with demands of our customers using our original investigation capability. In particular, through cooperation with our partner companies in China, Korea, Taiwan and EU countries, we meet the various demands from our customers.


With the reliable information gathered from our worldwide colleagues, we provide an extensive consulting service regarding the pharmaceutical industry, investigating domestic and overseas APIs, the development and production of generic drugs and sales strategies. We also extensively support business matching, new suggestions, plans, production outsourcing as well as cooperative sales agreements with overseas factories.

In addition we coordinate the development, production and sales of OTC pharmaceutical products, quasi-drugs, raw materials for cosmetics and additives.

Quality Assurance Group

[Main Duties]

Pharmaceutical Support

As a agent for accreditation of foreign manufacturers and in-country caretaker of Japanese Drug Master Files (JDMFs), we can manage correspondence toward PMDA and other administrations regarding Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Laws, and establish the system that enables the smooth use of pharmaceutical products.

Warehouse Management

According to GMP Ministerial Ordinance, we store products under suitable conditions.

Various Quality Assurance Tests

Depending on request from our customers, we perform quality tests at public testing institutions (Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Association) and provide the test results.